treatment plan for case formulation ms rowe

Objective: The aim of this assignment is for the student to demonstrate their ability to link their assessment and formulation to an appropriate treatment plan and using the principles of evidence-based practice, critique the plan.

Assignment: Using the case from the first assignment, this assignment asks students to develop a treatment plan to address the ONE target issue identified in the case formulation assignment, using the format that was provided in the class PowerPoints and in the examples provided. In this assignment, students should pay close attention to linking their assessment to their interventions. The interventions should address the difficulties presented by the client as outlines in the assessment. Students should be mindful o the interventions being appropriate and feasible for the individual issues of that client, considering culture, spirituality, gender identity, class, sexual orientation, race and ethnicity. The final section of the paper uses the EBP process to critique the proposed plan. The paper should follow the outline provided below. Please refer to the grading rubric. This paper should be no more than 4-5 pages with 3-5 references. APA style paper used in the student 3 example

Please use the interview on Jaqueline Rowe’s paper work and/or Case formulation to produce a great treatment plan paper. Let me know if you have any questions

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