Treatment plan

Topic: Treatment plan

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Preferred language style: English (U.S.)

Assignment 1

  1. Read the all text, commentaries and Case example.(Total of two files; Basic forms of treatment and Case of Bill)
  2. Complete the handout in this folder link.
  3. Read the case example (Bill) and complete the four
    questions that summarizes your assessment and
    diagnostic impression for the Axis I. Answer those questions in an essay form. One paragraph for each question.  Total of 1 page. The questions are in the file named “case of bill” that I have attached.

Assignment 2

  1. Do a web search and identify a treatment provider site and copy a treatment plan format that the center uses.
  2. Develop a master problem list and a treatment plan for the patient, Bill, in Lesson Four. Please prioritize the problems on the MPL from worse to least. You may use Maslow’s hierarchy, APA’s seven dimensions, or any other method. Just explain the criteria you used. Develop a complete treatment plan using the information given in the document file.
  3. Three pages without the title or the reference page.  Also a copy of a treatment plan format that center uses (Scanned copy would be great)
  4. I also attached a file named “treatment plan” if that helps in any way.  Thank you..

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