treatment plan

treatment plan

Develop a treatment plan for the following case study.  I would like to see your dialogue with the client.  Also, develop your short and long term treatment plan for

the client.  Make sure that you let us know what theoretical approach you are using and why.

Frank is a 35 year old Caucasian male who presented to your office with concerns over some of his sexual interests and behaviors.  Ever since he can remember he has

been interested in women’s clothing.  At the age of 14 he started masturbating while wearing his sister’s dresses.  He has kept this a secret from his family and

friends.  In school he was well liked and had a few girlfriends.  It wasn’t until he went to college did he start wearing his girlfriend’s clothing in secret.  He

feels fortunate that he was never “caught.” He is married now and has 2 children.  He wears his wife’s dresses while masturbating in the privacy of his own home.  He

loves his wife but he is concerned that if she ever found out that she would leave him.  For this he feels bad and believes that he is sick.  He only participates in

this behavior once in a while like when his wife takes the children to visit their grandparents.  He has a good sex life with his wife and does not require the use of

female clothing.  He has a good job working as a paramedic and has lots of friends.  Frank is coming to you for help.  How would you work with him?  Does he require

treatment? What would you tell him about his sexual behavior?  What is it called?  Would you diagnose him with a disorder?  Why or why not?  Does he have a problem?

Why or why not?

Feel free to refer to the DSM IV as a reference.

(must have in text citations)

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