treatment facility assessment tx

Locate a facility in your region providing treatment for adolescent co-occurring disorders. Contact the facility indicating you are looking for treatment for a relative. Retrieve the following information: seperate each topic in bold . I am in killeen Texas . I am servicing the region of Waco Texas which is east of me . Also Fort Hood/Killeen 76542 zipcode. West is Austin.

Treatment techniques/modalities the facility utilize.
The facility’s treatment philosophy.
Staffing patterns of the agency.
Syndromes treated at the agency.
Length of waiting time for admission for treatment.
Typical length of a stay.
General costs of treatment.
Continuing care or referrals to continuing care.

Write a 250-500 word assessment of the agency including the responses to the inquiries above, and if it appears to serve its client population and community well.
Include a title page, introduction, conclusion, in-text citations, and a reference section. PLEASE WRITE AS A COUNSELOR NOT GIVE THE PAPER A DISCRIPTION . THANKS

Prepare this assignment according to the APA guidelines

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