Travel Planning

Travel Planning Assignment

Each student will select a country or area outside the United States and plan a comprehensive travel experience.

• Choose between 3-4 cities in one country or several cities in 2-3 countries (as in the case of Eastern Europe or the Balkan Peninsula)
• Establish the appropriate length and dates for travel (7-10 days), and the time of year
• Summarize the purpose of the travel (vacation, cultural enrichment, religious pilgrimage, sport, etc.)
• Research the historic and socio-political background of the destination, as well as the weather conditions. Consider the impact of these elements on travel arrangements
• Consider current travel restrictions and disease outbreaks; offer solutions (pre-trip vaccinations, not traveling to restricted areas, etc.)
• Schedule activities and travel considering budget and time allowances
• Estimate all expenses by investigating current travel and lodging prices online; outline a budget for the trip
• Compose a generic packing list for one person going on the trip described

Flights, accommodations, dates and activity information must be planned in detail – flight numbers, hotel names, tour companies, ground transportation, restaurant names, etc. Be sure you identify travel apps and review/ tour sites relied upon. Will you use cash, debit, or credit cards, current currency exchange rate? Will you buy travel insurance? What are the time differences? The dates must reflect that the trip takes place no more than 1 year into the future.

Each student will hand in two documents: an Excel document with the budget and schedule, and a Word document with the introduction, packing list and other trip information. Both documents must be stapled together with the Travel Planning Assignment (which can be found at the end of the syllabus) when they are handed in. All documents must be word-processed (font: Times New Roman, font size: 12), 1.5 spaced, and utilize correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling.

Please put only your student ID number (PeopleSoft number) AND the Class number (1337) on the upper right hand corner of your entry. Do not put your name.

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