Trauma and Recovery

Herman, J. (1997). Trauma and Recovery: The Aftermath of Violence from Domestic Violence to Political Terror. NY, NY: Basic Books. ISBN: 0465087302
Regehr, C. & Bober, T. (2005). In the Line of Fire: Trauma in the Emergency Services. Oxford University Press. ISBN: 0195165020

Written Assignments:
For each module that requires a Written Assignment, you will be required answer one of the questions provided. These questions are located in each Module under the Interaction section. They are also in the syllabus.
These Written Assignments are a minimum of 1000 words and must include a reference list of works cited. If it is in the list, it must be cited in the paper. Although this paper is not a formal APA research paper, there are some APA applicable rules.
1. All quotes and ideas taken from other sources must be cited in proper APA format and listed in the reference list. APA has different rules for citing different types of sources so be sure to check the APA Manual that is required for this course to be sure you are citing correctly. The reference list must be alphabetical by author’s last name. If there is no author, other format rules apply; again, check the APA Manual for proper citation and reference format. Points will be taken off for improper citation and reference listing.
2. You must use 2 professional sources other than your textbook for each assignment. Be sure the sources are credible and professional. Wikipedia type sources are not acceptable. Advocacy websites or forums are also not acceptable. If you find information that has no author, try to find the information in another location with an author or a government site. If you can’t the information may not be credible.
3. Only 25% of your paper can be quotes from other sources and must be properly cited. All ideas of facts taken from other sources must be cited.
4. Unlike the formal research paper assignment, in Written Assignments you may use personal forms, opinions, experiences, and other stories. This assignment is a mix of research and opinion. Just be sure to cite any statements of fact from outside sources.
5. You do not have to write these assignments in APA format with running head, title page, abstract, etc. These are not formal papers. You must write the question you are answering at the top of the page.

Required Reading:
Trauma & Recovery: Chapter 1: A Forgotten History
Trauma & Recovery: Chapter 2: Terror

Written Assignment:
Your written Assignment is to choose one of the following questions:

1. In examining “Survivors Guilt” what is the process for helping victims find some form of closure? Is this process important, why or why not?
2. Examine the term “Intrusion” and explain its role in psychological trauma. Do you believe that it alone can significantly disrupt the day to day function of a survivor?

The response you provide is to be supported by research and should be written at a graduate level. Your assignment must be no less than 1000 words. You must use no less than two aIDitional resources (other than your required text) that support your position. All resources used must be properly cited using the
APA Style.

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