transient hormonal balance womans body

Pregnancy at a young age can seriously puzzle expectant parents and their parents too. This is not surprising 
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• Late-term abortions;

• Transient hormonal balance in a woman’s body;

• Neuroregulation unsteady;

• “Substandard” immature ovum;

• Anemia;

• Plental insufficiency;

• Increases the likelihood of polyhydramnios;

• Increased risk of miscarriage, premature birth;

• Increased likelihood of plications during childbirth;

• Increased risk of mortality mothers;

• Increased risk of problems with the newborn;

• Low weight of the newborn;

• Weak labor;

• Obesity, excess weight in the future – especially if there was so more labor at a young age;

• Prolonged exposure to early birth on the body of a young mother: 2-fold increased risk of developing cancer of the uterus 
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• Aeleration of somatic maturation;

• Psychological unpreparedness for maternity, paternity;

• Late referral to a doctor;

• Difficulties in interpersonal relationips beeen the prospective parents or absence of these relations;

• Difficulties with educational and professional solvency;

• Problems with social adjustnt in the role of mothers, including stigma 
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Medically, 2 years after the establint of narche, the girl can perform more quietly reproductive function. Quite often 
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