Transgender Youth & Being Bullied

I would appreciate a sample so I can see the quality of your work before I accept your bid.-I need you to search for literature and bibliography. Start with a short description of the topic. Begin a search for recent articles (15) within the last ten years to adequately respond to the questions. This is NOT meant to be a comprehensive review of the literature. You should be sure to include some sources that focus on theoretical content, description of the problem and its incidence and prevalence, and on interventions or treatments that have been used to aIDress the problem area. This list of references must be formatted adhering strictly to APA formatting. This assignment is not an annotated bibliography, so summaries of the articles are not needed. The resources you include can, and often will, include a variety of different types of source materials, including books, book chapters, treatment manuals, internet sites, and empirical (data based) research. > At least 6 of the resources you select should present empirical research, published in peer-reviewed journals within the last seven years, with data collection and analysis as central components of those resources. Use appropriate headers to break up the information.
<use the="" following="" headers:="" 1)="" introduction,="" 2)="" incidence="" and="" prevalence,="" 3)="" interventions="" r="" treatments.mandatory="" needs="" 1.="" brief="" description="" of="" topic="" (clearly="" concisely="" explain="" topic).="" 2.="" adequately="" use="" references="" (15="" within="" last="" 10="" years).="" 3.="" follow="" strict="" apa="" (6th="" edition)="" guidelines..="" few="" or="" no="" errors.="" 4.="" resources="" include="" books,="" chapters,="" treatment="" manuals,="" websites,="" empirical="" (data-based)="" research.="" at="" least="" 6="" need="" to="" be="" research,="" published="" in="" peer-reviewed="" journals="" 7="" years="" with="" data="" collection="" analysis="" as="" central="" components.="" 5.="" page="" proper="" formatting.=""

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