Transformational Leadership

The article by Hutchinson and Jackson (2013) focuses on the importance of transformational leadership in promoting the workplace enhancement and optimal patient outcomes. According to the authors, nursing research and nursing leadership has thrived over the past through the conceptual theory of transformational leadership. The authors argue that the theoretical framework of transformative leadership has provided very insightful concepts in nurse leader traits. Although the benefits of the transformative model have been discussed numerously, very few critical reviews have been done on the model. Given the great need for nursing leadership in the world today, the authors argue that the acceptance of the transformational model without its criticism might have led to the weaknesses that have been realized in nursing leadership. The authors, thus, highly recommend a critical look at the model of transformational leadership, in order to appreciate, and correct on its flaws.

Although the authors in the model under discussion agree that it should not be accepted uncriticised, an individual in the nursing practice fraternity is very suited to apply the model in the discharge of leadership and administrative duties. For example, nurses link all the members of the healthcare multidisciplinary team. Such a responsibility presents the nurses with a very good opportunity to the transformational leadership style by ensuring that all activities are coordinated well for the safety of the patient. In aIDition, nurses manage the wards, nursing schools, home care services, nursing homes and nursing units. Such avenues present them with the best opportunities to apply the transformational model of leadership. Under the professional code of conduct, nurses should be leaders in everything they do. This is another avenue to exercise transformational leadership, and link it to the advancements in the current digital world.


Hutchinson, M., &Jackson, D. (2013). Transformational leadership in nursing: towards a more critical interpretation. Nursing inquiry, 20, 11-22.

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