Topic Water Safety and Quality Academic Essay

Unit: HST 3186
Assignment 2 Water Safety and Quality (30%) Length: 2500 – 3000 words
Review and compare, in detail and with the aid of sketches and diagrams, two different processes
available for the large-scale treatment of sewage water. Analyse advantages and disadvantages associated
with each design option and select one which would be best suited to serve a large residential area of
approximately 750 000 people with a moderately large light industrial area. The resultant effluent should
be of sufficient quality to permit safe discharge to sea or to a river.
Your review needs to cover;
Description two accepted processes Research on the web or visit local sewage treatment facilities
(example Water Corporation in Perth). Describe 2 different options such as activated sludge, biological
filter beds or pond/lagoon systems. Refer to advantages and disadvantages of each method.
Illustrations (sketches) Students should be able to draw labelled sketches contrasting 2 systems.
Compare differences in design Differentiate between the systems.
Distinguish between operational and design issues (advantages and disadvantages). Contrast systems
and make a decision about the most appropriate system based upon population size and availability of
land, water and discharge points etc.
Referencing, grammar and presentation.
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