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This is a continuation of the previous order that was completed as I need to submit the second draft. Below I will be attaching a file of the essay that was completed and I would like for you to only expand on the essay provided within the attachment.

Please follow the instructions below that I have also submitted previously when ordering the paper and expand with crucial information that is needed within the paper.
The following instructions are:
This is an assignment about the mistreatment of workers in certain industries. The industry I have chosen for this paper would be Journalism. In this paper, I would like for you to cover the issues of how these journalists are mistreated and to bring up an example of one company in a specific country that is known for mistreating their journalists through sending them to no-go zone countries such as Syria, Iraq, part of Lebanon, Yemen, Egypt, Mexico and so on with no protection for instance, and to compare it to other publishing companies around the world who may treat their journalists differently. (Please provide proof for Journalists being mistreated such as the number of deaths and imprisoned journalists in some areas that may be increasing as a result of no protection) In aIDition to this, the paper should include THREE different issues within the Journalism industry that reporters often face such as Freedom of speech, whether reporters rights protected by law and so forth. Also, I would like you to come up with what may be the possible strategies publishing companies should come up with in order to protect their workers from being harmed. This assignment should have official sources used such as through Google scholar or EBSCO. Below I have provided the way I would like this essay to be structured: Cross-Industrial Examination of Worker Treatment: 1. Introduction: General Issues Within the Industry 2. Section 1: Issue #1 – Introduction: – Body Paragraph 1: Background/Ethics/Legislation – Body Paragraph 2: Companies that fail to meet ethical standards of workers – Body Paragraph 3: Companies that meet ethical standards 3. Section 2: Issue #2 4. Section 3: Issue #3 5. Conclusion (What needs to be done with these issues)

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