Topic leadership in health management 2

Topic: leadership in health management 2

Order Description

1) The title is:
‘Develop a case study of what would be involved in the strategic management and organisational development necessary to optimize cultural safety. Apply the theory of cultural safety to an actual health-related workplace and describe the processes required there to bring about change in how staff approach diversity’.

2) Maximum word length is 2,000 excluding references. The assignment should not be less than 1800 words.

3) Remember to include the following information: Name, student ID, date, unit code and name, title, word length, and your email aIDress and page numbers.

Organisational development for cultural safety:
4) Ensure that all references in the main body of the assignment and in reference lists are correctly presented.
5) The preferred referencing system is APA 6th Edition.

AIDitional Instructions

1.    Reflect on:
a.    What you have read about cultural safety in the readings by Cox (2013) and Cox & Taua (2013).
b.    Your understanding of cultural safety and what/who has informed/influenced that understanding.
c.    Any experience you may or may not have had in developing a workplace/ health setting that aims to be culturally safe for employees/patients/clients (This reflection should be written up as paragraph 2 – following an introductory paragraph – (approximately 300 words).
2.     Identify an area where cultural safety is an issue and apply theory. Describe the example and apply the theory of cultural safety to the context where changes are needed in how staff approach diversity (approximately 500 words).
Parts 1 and 2 = 30% of total weight 60%.

3.    Document in stages/processes of change or other logical form how you would approach and aIDress the need for cultural safety within a health-related workplace (approximately 800 words – worth 15% of total weight).

4.    Summarise the assignment with a paragraph that highlights at least three key points from 12, 2 and/or 3 above (approximately 400 words – worth 15% of total weight).
Parts 3 and 4 = 30% of total weight 60%.

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