Topic its creating a product which is sending SMS massage to the patient to remind them about radiology preparations exam before one day of the exam with linked to the web site that I have build to view the preparations

Instruction :
Its not a usual essays its portfolio, its should be contain literature review and reflective practice and feedback form participants its has to be merge on the same paragraph.
Some of the word I have write it by my self you need to rewrite it in good sentences and academic one without mention ‘I”
Basically, its creating a product which is sending SMS massage to the patient to remind them about radiology preparations exam before one day of the exam with linked to the web site that I have build to view the preparations.
So each steps must be including literature review and reflective practice and feedback from the users.
Please be aware the word that I type be my self no need for references but you need to rewrite it in good way the coherence and good structure
The structure of the portfolio is :
• Abstracts .
• Introduction
• Aim of the projects:
From practical experienced the researcher came with this idea .Most of the radiology exam need the patients to be prepared before the exam and there is some instruction for that , the idea came from that some of the patients came to the hospital on the day of the exam without preparations due to they forget to prepared and because the long time of between the day of taking the appointment and the day of the exams that lead the rechersher to came with the idea to send a SMS massage to the patient to remind them about there appointment and the preparation through link they access it to view the preparation through website that will be build for each exam .
In other word “the aim of this projects is to create a webpage that contain patient preparation to send a SMS massage link reminder one days before the exams. Patient can access the webpages to see the requirement preparation for there procedures and to be ready for the exam and to avoid not be prepared that cause reschedules which will effects the waiting list. “
(( you have to rewrite the paragraph and one the same paragraph you have to aID the literature review with references the issue of the patient came not prepared such as cost , reschedules, witting list increase ……. ))

• Projects plane :
When patient register in the hospital one of the mandatory date which is patient name, date of birth , ID number , aIDress , contact number.(need refrences ) (( her wietr literature review about hoe its important in to have the patient infroamtions when the patient regestred )).once the patient visit the hospital through outpatient ( GPS) or emergency department or even admitted ,they requested some radiology procedures that need to have appointments and need preparations. Patient take appointment form radiology departments in certain data and time and certain procedures such as CT, MRI, US and N.M. 24h before the procedures data SMS massage will be sent to the patients remind then about there appointments with link for preparations guided to the certain procedures that they have . Patient should come ready to the exam with the instruction of stopping medication or fasting. ((the literature review is how it will help to avoid rescheduling those who are not prepared)),(( how its important for the patent to be prepared before the radiology exams “

• Starting design the products:

The researcher starts to look for applications that used for build website or “This projects involves creating web site to contain the preparation of each procedure for the patients”, and found one which is virtual studio , spending a while to learn who to use it through video and YouTube and some research through the internet till realized that such a professional software need some coding knowledge and background to use it , then start to research for software do not need coding spending 3 days till with recommendation form finds advise to use the WordPress which is type of software with ready templet to build a web sit with free hosting as well, start to learn through YouTube how it working and to chose the procreate theme for the preparations((reflective practice)) .”hire you have to aID the literature review about the design of web site if you found something about the design in health it will be perfects “ . while that the researcher uses the Emil communications to ask the participant about there view and there feedback about the products. The researcher has chosen 10 participation to ask them firs about there feedback about the sending SMS massager reminder to the patient with link to the preparation is it useful for the patient and the work flow or what there opinion for patient prospective through emil communication table 2. 8 out of 10 was respond immediately 2 of them was sent reminder to them and they respond .
The participant 1 , like the idea due to the appointments will be booked before 3 month of same exams and the preparation linked will be useful to remind them , the participation has concern about the language for the preparations what it will be ,as this point once the patient register in the hospital we ask them about the prefer language to communicate that make it so easy for them and for the hospital.
The participant 2, see it as help for the organisations but the concern that raised is why could not send by text without the link, as we could see in the preparations the length of its is high and contain of a lot of characters that exceeded the a amount of the massage.

The participant 3, see it if its short it will be better and highlight the important information as well if there is a contact number it will be better.
The participant 4, see it as useful tools to avoids the reschedules and to be ready for the exam. However, its raise a concern how the patients will see it and as the test has been done through multiple devises patient do not require any think just access the link and it will be accessible without downloads.
The participant 5,6,7,8,9 agree about the idea and see it as useful reminder to have the patients ready for the exam and to avoided complicated reaction if there is contrast and avoiding reschedules that will effects the waiting time and as well effects the patients witting before the exam.
The last participant dislike the Idea due to the literacy of the patients if we imagine that the products will implement in Saudi Arabia , according to the the rate of Saudi literacy is 99% and for the remaining the system could have preferred number for the relative to send the massage(( “put that as references “. due to that the participant was executed.
Then start to build the website vie WordPress it started by creating deferent pages for each preparation then aID the preparation for each test exam. In this projects the researcher has chosen 5 radiology exam and preparation which is CT, MRI ,US ,N.M and MAMO. the preparations for each exam has been selected fro the flowing references The preparation for each exam was chosen from the flowing references
1-      International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine
2-      the MRI Safety Committee at University of California, San Francisco
((and you need to find references for the radiology preparation I found 2 for MRI find more for the rest))
By using the web site WordPress , its give free domain and free pages , we start by choosing name for the web which is Patients preparations then creating five pages first one for US and include the preparation as you can see in the table 1 , then creating CT pages with preparation can be seen in the table 1 , MRI with preparation can be seen in the table1 , N.M pages with preparation can be seen in the table 1 and MAMO pages with preparation can be seen in the table1
The general link of the web site is ((

• Choosing the syntax of massage :
(( write literature review about the use of SMS reminder patient for there preparation before the exam or the advantage and disadvantage of using SMS massage in health “
after uploading the preparation in the site the syntax massage for the patents to remind them for the appointment and for the preparation has been chosen which is “Dear patient, we would like to remind you about your appointments in radiology departments (exam ) tomorrow and please visit the link below to see your preparations.” The idea of the massage is to be sent 24 hours before the exam.
Before the go live the research The researcher tried to test the web site before going live and send the massage to the participating, using smart phone iPhone, android , iPad and computer browser to test it it was working fine.
Using the researcher phone , the massage has been sent to 9 participant with imaging there appointment will be tomorrow , as it has been explain on the communication Emil to ask them about there feed back about the whole process. “The researcher considers what if the number of the patient is out of services , so for that patient should update there information each time they visit to the hospital in order to make sure the hospital can communicate with the patient .

((write literature review about the hand over of the projects and important of feedback form the users and its not over need to be improved after the go live as well go live or handover vs closure )) Most of the participant resived the massage successfully and access the preparation through the website and most of them they like the products in positive ways. however, participant raise some comments most of them worry about the langue of the SMS and the preparations because its written in English languages if it take into consideration that products hold in Saudi Arabia and some of the patients they couldn’t read English language , once the patient registered in the hospital will be asked for the preference language they would like to communicate that’s lead the researcher to think about if we change the link of the preparation for those who under age instated of written instruction to video link using the graphics or carton to show the under age patients the instruction .anther comment is what if the patient under 18 or paediatric ,once the patient register they required the data of birth once the patient under the age the massage will be sent to there carrier. More evaluation was one to change form procedures to exam to be more clearer to the patients and it has been changed .another comment form the participant suggest that to under line the main the important point in the preparation and to make all of the font style same for all of the instruction so the change has been made .one of the important feedback that most of the participant agree on is that the preparation in the website dose not contain any patient identification such as medical records number or national ID , date of birth ,gender and full name as well the contact number for the department in case the patients would like to change the appointment or have any inquires all of these comment has been take into consideration and has been modified. Finally, due to the time and the resourses no mere evaluation has been done .

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