Subject: Psychology

Conduct an interview with 5 elementary school teachers, elementary students, or parents of elementary school children (or combination thereof). Some questions you might aIDress are the following:

• What is your favorite aspect of this age group?
• What is the most challenging aspect of this age group?
• What do they look forward to doing next?
• What struggles does the child face?
• What worries them?
• What are typical fears?
• How do they get along with others?
• How are their school days different from yours?
• What skills have they mastered lately?
• What are they working on mastering now?
• How much have they grown physically in the past year?
• What behavior could you do without?
• What is fun to them?

Develop your findings in a paper of 2 pages. (commonalities and differences)

Include quotes, citations, and a reference page. The point is to see what it is like to be a child this age, live with a child this age, or work with children this age. Not all questions fit each subject; select and modify the questions to suit your subject and aID questions if necessary.

Remind the parents or teachers that this is a school assignment and interview material will be kept confidential.

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