Topic Implementing Electronic Health Records at St Hampton’s Hospital

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Case Scenario:

Assume that you are the project manager at St. Hampton’s Hospital, located in a large city in the Midwest area of the United States. Your project team has been tasked with implementing electronic medical records (EMR) at St. Hampton’s. The information technology infrastructure is in place and the EMR software has been purchased. Your project focuses on implementation and adoption of EMR across the entire hospital (15 departments).

1. Explain how you would determine appropriate objectives and trade-o?s for this project and how you might employ a weighting method to assist with this task.

2. How might use of a SWOT analysis play a role?

3. What role might benchmarking play?

4. Assume that the network for this project is provided in Figure on the second page. Also assume that it is not possible to accomplish tasks A, D, and E any faster than the durations provided in the on the second page. What other data would be needed in order to determine if project crashing can occur?

5. If we now aID in the assumption that activity D and activity F require the same person (resource), then we are faced with an example of resource leveling. Either D or F must be delayed. How would we determine which resource leveling option is preferred?

FIGURE: Network for Electronic Medical Records Implementation

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