Topic Freedom of Religion as Human Right

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My choice of human right is: Freedom of Religion

*Make sure to mention the specific treaty bodies that support this right*
My choice of contemporary issues will be about secularism and limitations of freedom of religion. I will be comparing Canada’s and France’s (Laicite) approach to secularism or ability to freely express your religion in society and government. As to limitation of freedom of religion, I will be discussing the merit or flaw in the notion that denial of services to LGBT individuals (Ex: Cake Shop in Colorado or Kim Davis ) is truly covered by freedom of religion laws.

Please answer the following questions below:
Choose one human right from a core international treaty. In a text of approximately 6 pages (more or less 2100 words, 1.5 spacing), answer these questions on your chosen right in a detailed and thoroughly researched analysis:

1. What is your chosen right? Name at least three international instruments that protect your right. Identify which articles within these instruments apply to your chosen right. Why did you choose this right? Describe the content of this right. Which type of rights does it belong to? (4 pts)
2. What are the obligations created by this right and who or what is the holder of these obligations? Answer these questions according to one instrument protecting your right. (3 pts)
3. What are the international supervisory mechanisms of your chosen right? How do these mechanisms work? (3 pts)
4. Find the general comment, a concluding observation and a state report related to your chosen issue. Copy and paste the links in your paper. (1 pts)
5. Name two situations or issues in contemporary society related to your right. Give examples of multiple positions on these issues. Give your own opinion on the issues. (4 pts)
We strongly suggest you read and use the general comments regarding your right, if applicable. AID a bibliography at the end of your text (not included in the 5 pages) which includes at least 6 different sources. Two of these 6 sources must be periodical articles. A periodical article is from an academic journal, it is not a column in a magazine or a newspaper. Don’t forget to properly reference your sources. Use the method of your choice, as long as it includes all the pertinent information and is coherent throughout your paper.
Grading Scheme
Here are the elements that will be taken into account when grading the final assignment:
• Content (make sure to read the questions carefully and to answer all of them) (2 pt)
• Research (quality and relevance of the sources, quality of the analysis and the synthesis) (3 pts)
• Quality of the writing (grammar, clarity, precision, concision, structure of the text) (2 pts)
• Originality of subject and treatment (1 pt)
• Bibliography and proper referencing: a minimum of 5 sources including 2 periodical articles. (2 pts)

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