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In this assignment, you will utilise health indicators to analyse different population sets and situations.

Consider the following WHO health indicators:
Crude birth rate
Crude death rate
Write a paper that aIDresses the following:

The WHO indicators for crude death rate, disease prevalence and incidence are expressed per 100,000 population; however, data for the crude birth rate is expressed per

1,000 population. Check whether the crude birth rate includes stillborn babies. What would be considered a high birth rate? Or a low one? Provide an example of each

and outline some factors that affect birth rate.
Consider a situation in which 500 people work in the same building. Twenty had a head cold on 1 June 2014, which conferred immunity for 3 months. What was the

prevalence of head colds on 1 August 2014?
What would be the cumulative incidence of head colds if a further 50 people became infected between 1 June and 1 August 2014? How did you arrive at this conclusion?
•Use the ABS data to calculate:
Australian Bureau of Statistics. (2014). Table 1.9 Deaths summary, Australia 2002-2012. In Deaths, Australia, 2012 (No. 3302.02). Retrieved from

Australian Government: Australian Institute of Health and Welfare. (2011). Principles on the use of direct age-standardisation in administrative data collections: For

measuring the gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians. Canberra: Australian Institute of Health and Welfare. Retrieved from

World Health Organization. (2014). Global Health Observatory: World health statistics 2014. Retrieved from

World Health Organization. (2013). World health statistics 2013: Indicator compendium. Retrieved from

?The crude death rate in Australia for 2012
?The age-specific death rate for Australians aged 0-4 years and >85 years in 2012. Briefly outline your findings in words.
•Explain how age adjustment can be used to compare different population groups.

Assessment criteria

Knowledge and understanding of incidence and prevalence, key health indicators and age adjustment
Application of mathematical concepts to calculate key indicators of health
Interpretation of key indicators of health
Academic presentation, including accurate referencing using APA style

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