Topic Dissertation Chapter 3

Order Description
1. Request for rewrite 6 pages total
2. Please use RED in any changes/rewrite/comments
3. Using checklist items below for guidance
4. Using Colaizzi theories
5. Using existing research questions.
6. Correct the editor’s comments.
7. Using the existing reference lists.
8. Any new reference, please aID to the reference list in RED.
9. See the sample… attached (similar study)
10. Please make sure all sections covered.
11. Also, please make sure low percentage on

? Still in the proposal stage, so please use present tense.
? Colorectal cancer screening for Vietnamese population in Iowa (age 50 to 75)
? Method: Qualitative
? Approach: phenomenology and descriptive
? Data collection: interview (8-10 participants) – 45 minutes – 1 hour
? Location: Vietnamese community center, etc…

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