Topic discussion paper- mini essay

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You are expected to cite at least five relevant academic references to support each paper (e.g. journal articles, books, book chapters, academic reports). You can list more references than this if you like (e.g. media reports, webpages, or other academic sources etc).


All students must answer this question

Looking online, find an existing tour company or travel experience related to one (1) of the following:

1) Dark tourism/war memorial.
2) women’s travel.
3) Pro-poor tourism.
4) Health & wellness tourism

Briefly outline your chosen tour company/experience, and describe the activities that this experience provides.

Then, justify why your chosen tour/experience is special interest or niche tourism, and describe who the target markets for this tour/experience might be.

Marking criteria:

Responds directly to the question posed and links clearly to content of the unit.
Shows evidence of relevant academic research (through correct referencing; at least 5 academic sources).
Adherence to good academic writing practice (e.g. grammar, spelling, clarity of expression, in-text referencing and reference list)

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