Topic Assessment 1- Evidence and Practise Based Research

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Assessment 1

In 750 words present the following information
• Present your topic (Mental Health of Children Refugee & Asylum Seekers in Australia) and a proposed research question
• Outline a rationale for this topic and its potential importance to practice in Social Work
• Identify possible keywords/ search terms and the search engines and databases for your search
• Provide a brief summary of a couple of key articles/reports relevant to your topic (kindly also provide the links to the key articles or reports)
• Comment on the reliability of the chosen sources

Marking Criteria:
This piece of work will be assessed according to the following criteria:
• The extent to which a proper research question is developed
• A rationale for the proposed study is well articulated and linked to practice
• Key words and search strategy are appropriate to topic
• The students demonstrates a capacity to select key references and comment on their reliability

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