top 10 cardiovascular medication health and medicine homework help

Compile a list of the Top-10 cardiovascular medications. Include one or two from each category within the cardiovascular class. You can present these in any format you like, be creative but make sure you include a medication from each of the following:

  1. Antianginal
  2. Anti-arrhythmic
  3. Antihypertensive (make sure you supply the subdivision for this subcategory. For example: beta-blocker, ARB’s, Ace Inhibitor, Calcium Channel Blocker (CCB), etc.)
  4. Antihyperlipidemic Cholesterol lowering drugs including the Statins.
  5. Cardiac Glycosides
  6. Thrombolytic/Anticoagulant
  7. Diuretics

Discuss how the medication works in the body and why this would be prescribed by the doctor. Include any off-label uses if found.

Make sure you cite your resources. Besides your textbook, the American Heart Association is an excellent resource for this assignment.

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