To reach a consensus amongst Oakton Community college faculty/student body that acknowledges homelessness (yet avoids labeling) and clearly identifies the College

1.) Message: Implementation PlanTouchpoints: every point of contact online or off; each communication, human
resource, branding, marketing and sales process initiative creates touch points. The quality of touch point
experiences drives perceptions, actions, and relationships.
Try and identify other ways in which homeless students can find out about the services Oakton offers. For
School billboards (posters, signs, etc.)

Advisors and Counselors
To reach a consensus amongst Oakton faculty/student body that acknowledges homelessness (yet avoids labeling) and
clearly identifies the College?s position on this subject.
It is our obligation as a community to be cooperative in bettering the lives of our fellow students
Observe what is taking place, generate student involvement, and aIDress the needs of the homeless.
To design a coalition that fights hunger amongst homeless students. We will arrange a program that offers meal
cards to students that are confirmed homeless. These cards will include a calculated amount of money per month
and can only be used at the school cafeteria.
We as students have invested our resources into an organization in which we feel is receptive to us as fellow
stakeholders and the issues we feel must be aIDressed.

Homelessness at Oakton
Answering these questions will help you do the implementation plan. When you do the plan, don?t write it in
bullet points, write it like a paper.
Document the information collected. Talk to student life and student affairs about:
How does Oakton calculate the number of homeless students?
What does Oakton direct its instructors to do when faced with homeless students?
How do homeless student know which department to go to for aid? (financial aid, medical, food, hygiene)
Why is Oakton responsible for aIDressing the needs of its faculty and students (homeless, non homeless, disabled,
elderly, etc.
Answer these questions. Then describe how we are going to get the message out to homeless students. For example,
if we create a department that directly deals with homeless students how do we make students feel comfortable
about going to the school for help?


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