to observe shadow a health professional in practice and to explore this as a potential career

* search and select your chosen sports medicine career of interest : I want athletic trainer or , personal trainer

Basically you will write this paper as you already visit an athletic trainer or personal trainer !

You should write a 3-­4 page paper to thoroughly describe your observational experiences during

your visit with a health professional. Your paper should use the following criteria as an outline:

  1. Location/description of setting/name of professional/discipline (include photos if appropriate [ask permission first]), web site, brochures and business cards
  2. Describe the process of patient­practitioner interaction as they met in the clinic and the types of questions etc that the practitioner asked the patient.
  3. Observations of professional in practice: Describe the injury/illness assessment methods that you observed (H.O.P.S.), (S.O.A.P.)? Describe all physical and scientific tests used to make a diagnosis (including the correct name for tests) i.e. X­rays. scans, physical tests.
  4. Observe HIPPA laws (do not disclose actual patient names in your paper e.g. use “patient 1” instead of “Cindy”). Describe the types of injuries that you observed. Were they acute or chronic injuries? Describe how the patient was injured. What are the long term prospects or time frames for recovery from this injury/injuries (research the answer if you did not hear it in clinic)?
  5. What injury treatments did you see? If you did not witness any treatments, please research and describe a suitable form of treatment for the condition/injury that you observed.
  6. What type of long­term intervention strategies and training advice did you observe?
  7. Include visuals, diagrams of the injuries etc. to illustrate your observations. You must ask permission to take photographs at the clinic and be respectful if they say no. To respect their privacy, do not take pictures of patients/clinics.

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