to explore public health advocacy by researching a public health issue and then advocating for change around this issue

Research a public health issue about the effect of domestic violence on children and write a position statement, arguing why your public health issue is significant and what changes should be made to help combat the issue.

– Submit 2 page position statement written in APA format.

– 3 credible sources, of which at least 1 should be a peer reviewed article.

Things to Note

  • When researching your topic, being as specific as you can will help you focus on what really matters for your project. Consider the foll
    • Who demographics (race, gender, age)
    • What What is the issue at hand? (ex Mortality rates of African American mothers in the United States, concussion rates for high school athletes, disparity in drug convictions, safe sleep for infants, child drownings, college binge drinking, etc. ) Be specific.
    • Where geographic location (can also be on college campuses, on high school campuses, etc.)
    • Why Why is this a problem? Use your sources to prove why your issue is significant and identify contributing factors if needed (ex socioeconomic status, education level, etc.)
    • How What are you advocating for? This is one thing – not an entire intervention. Do you want more money for research/vaccines, a law stipulating better quality helmets, mandatory life jackets at all hotel pools, Title V funds to go for pregnancy prevention, etc…


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