to explore public health advocacy by researching a public health issue and then advocating for change around this issue

Research a public health issue about the effect of domestic violence on children and write a position statement, arguing why your public health issue is significant and what changes should be made to help combat the issue.

– Submit 2 page position statement written in APA format.

– 3 credible sources, of which at least 1 should be a peer reviewed article.

Things to Note:

  • When researching your topic, being as specific as you can will help you focus on what really matters for your project. Consider the foll
    • Who: demographics (race, gender, age)
    • What: What is the issue at hand? (ex: Mortality rates of African American mothers in the United States, concussion rates for high school athletes, disparity in drug convictions, safe sleep for infants, child drownings, college binge drinking, etc. ) Be specific.
    • Where: geographic location (can also be on college campuses, on high school campuses, etc.)
    • Why: Why is this a problem? Use your sources to prove why your issue is significant and identify contributing factors if needed (ex: socioeconomic status, education level, etc.)
    • How: What are you advocating for? This is one thing – not an entire intervention. Do you want more money for research/vaccines, a law stipulating better quality helmets, mandatory life jackets at all hotel pools, Title V funds to go for pregnancy prevention, etc…


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