to define and describe different types of healthcare information systems to describe some of the types and uses of patient data

Chapter 3 reviews different definitions and descriptions of healthcare information systems. Use these definitions and descriptions to respond to the following questions in a narrative style.

3. Inpatient EHRs and Ambulatory EHR share some characteristics and have some that differ. What is one shared feature and one key difference between EHR Go and an ambulatory EHR

Chapter 5 reviews types of data, data set standards and data management practices. Use the chapter materials to respond to the following questions in a narrative style.

4. What was the historical purpose for the establishment of Data Set Standards? Would data from an EHR support the analytics of a Data Set Standard? HINF520 Page 2

5. Name and describe 1 Data Set Standard that was developed because of the increased availability of information systems? What is the impact of this standard?

Required Texts and Resources

Biedermann, S. and Dolezel, D. (2017) Introduction to Healthcare Informatics (2nd Edition). Chicago: AHIMA Press. ISBN-13: 978-1-58426-528-3

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