Tissue Gas report

Tissue Gas report
1. What are the scientific bacterial names for tissue gas?

2. Where does tissue gas originate from within the body? Outside the body?

3. List at least 3 intrinsic & 3 extrinsic conditions or factors that contribute to tissue gas.

4. How is tissue gas identified in a dead human body and how does it affect dead human tissue?

5. Describe how tissue gas can be passed from one body to another.

6. Describe the appropriate physical treatment of a tissue gas case.

7. Describe the appropriate chemical treatment of a tissue gas case. (Please attach Appendix 1 to this
report (see your instructor for details). There will be 10 points deducted for not including at least
two of the following chemical company’s tissue gas formulas: Dodge, Champion, ESCO & Frigid. Note: If
you work in a mortuary and use other embalming chemicals, contact their embalming chemical company to
find out what chemicals and procedures they recommend or read their technical manual for proper
chemicals and their uses. You may use any other chemical company in aIDition to the companies shown
above for extra credit.

8. Describe other conditions of the body that are similar to tissue gas and how they occur.

9. List the steps, procedures and chemicals in detail needed for the disinfecting the body,
instruments, equipment and environment of the embalming room

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