tibetan and bhutanese refugee health research paper

(See the uploaded file). This research paper is about Tibetan and Bhutanese Refugee Health.

The research has five sections which are :

1- A Brief History of two Refugees.

2- Tibetan and Bhutanese Health Traditions.

3- Current Health Status and Reasons for Disparities

4- Tibetan and Bhutanese Cultural Health Traditions.

5- Cultural Competencies for Healthcare Professionals.

I need you to write introduction and conclusion paragraphs to this research:

– Introduction:

I. Comparison of a potential health care encounter for U.S. audience vs. someone from Tibet or Bhutan.

II. Central Idea: In an effort to improve health outcomes and optimize the care of Tibetan and Bhutanese refugees in the United states, health care providers would benefit from being familiar with the unique history, population health trends, and health traditions and beliefs of Tibetan and Bhutanese refugees.

III. Significance of problem: 22.8% of Bhutanese refugees in Texas from 2008-2011 were found with chronic malnutrition along with these issues that malnutrition causes (anemia, frequent illness, etc.).

IV. Preview: geography, history, traditional health practices, beliefs and the importance of cultural competence of treating health care professionals.


I. Summary of the history, health status, health traditions and beliefs of Tibetan and Bhutanese persons

II. Consideration of history, health status, health traditions and beliefs ought to inform treating health care professionals in how to interact with cultural sensitivity in an effort to optimize care

III. Benefits to providers and patients.

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