this project is an in depth investigation of a health condition nr283 pathophysiology

  1. Introduction of disease ? 20 points/20%
    • One paragraph (approximately 200 words)
    • Includes disease description
    • Includes epidemiology of disease
  2. Etiology and risk factors ? 20 points/20%
    • Common causes of the disease or condition
    • Risk factors for the disease or condition
    • Impact of age
    • Prevalence based on gender,
    • Influence of environment
    • Genetic basis of disease
    • Lifestyle influences
    • All information supported by current literature
  3. Pathophysiological processes ? 20 points/20%
    • Describes changes occurring at the cellular, tissue, and/or organ level that contribute to the diseaseprocess.
    • Describes adaptation of the cells and body in response to the disease.
    • Relates disease processes to manifested signs and symptoms.
  4. Clinical manifestations and complications ? 20 points/20%
    • Describes the physical signs and symptoms that are important in considering the presence of the disease.
    • Identifies signs that contribute to diagnosis of the condition
    • Identifies symptoms that contribute to diagnosis of the condition.

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