This is the essay i submitted before.

This is the essay i submitted before. please create an outline based on this essay.

Rationale for Choosing the Country Where Our Product Will Be Made

Choosing a manufacturing site for production of goods is of vital importance for any company that is in business to make profits. Some factors must be considered before saying ‘yes’ to any particular place and as to why that place surpass all the others in the world, regarding accessibility, near the market, near the raw materials, favorable government policies like incentives or even cheaper labor cost. The product that I will be manufacturing is Mobile phones.

My business Z phones is set to manufacture cheaper, low-end as well as relatively more expensive, high-end mobile phones. I have decided that I will set up a manufacturing plant in Andhra Pradesh, India.  I have also decided to sell the mobile phones in India since the target market in India is huge. The transportation cost will also be cheaper if I sell the product in India. Time taken to reach the market will also be greatly reduced. Moreover, in the case of shortage in the Indian market, I will be able to bridge the gap by transporting goods faster because the market is near. Also, assembling phones in India will be cheaper due to its low labor cost (Mirani, 2013). The availability of man power won’t be an issue if we manufacture Mobile phones in India. Due to high unemployment rate laborers will readily available to work in the factories with cheap labor cost (Das, 2015).

The reason that I chose India as a target market is because it has huge population. If I launch the product in India I will have more consumers to buy my products. Also by producing low end cheap mobile phones I will be able to keep the prices of my cell phones low. Cheaper cell phone price will attract more consumers.

  • The outline will be a set of headings or sections that identify the important points in the paper.
  • You can develop these points at two levels, similar to headings and subheadings.
  • The outline should be written concisely, with each point just long enough for clarity and no longer.

Refresh yourself on the Four Main Components for Effective Outlines.

Things to Remember!

  • Your outline should show the hierarchical relationship or logical ordering of information.
  • Format the outline according to APA guidelines, double-spaced, in Times New Roman 12-point font, with one-inch margins on each side.
  • Be sure that you cite all references and quotes correctly. All sources used must be included in the Reference section.
  • Include a reference list.
  • APA Format.

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