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Part 1

Module 3 Discussion – Implications of Redundancy

Data redundancy is a problem for many facilities, especially those converting from legacy system to newer updated system. With the medical record increasing in scope more and more information is being entered at each visit in each department. What long-term implications could this redundancy have on an organization? Why do we need data standards in relation to electronic health records?

  • To avoid point loss, carefully follow all assignment instructions and rubric guidelines
  • Review this Discussion Sample to get a better sense of what is expected of your discussion content and participation
  • Complete your original post of 175 words before 11:30 p.m. Thursday, EST
  • Complete at least 2 peer replies of a minimum of 75 words before 11:30 p.m. Sunday, EST
  • Note that responses to instructor comments do not count toward the minimum number of peer replies
  • Be sure to include at least one reference (both in-text and references section entry) to your course readings; outside references are encouraged but you must have at least one to course readings.
  • Provide properly formatted citations/references for all source material (see HSA Style Guide)
  • Do not use any quoted or copied material.

Part 2

System Design Considering your required reading this week, what type of preliminary system would you design for a larger assisted living facility. Think about the following questions:  Who in this facility would have access to individual parts, why?  What types of software is needed in this assisted living factility?  What medical records software would be selected, why? You may need to look on the web for additional information. Your 600 – 750 word APA format assignment is due Midnight Sunday, EST. Please include the assignment rubric and page. A references page must be included and at minimum one peer-reviewed resource. Your assignment must be in written in third person.

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