This is a research paper

I need an explanation for this Statistics question to help me study.

I will attach everything below. There will be a short video that describes how the essay should be written, the rubric, a sample writing assignment, and a couple of data information outline of how to gather certain data’s.

The hypothesis for this writing assignment is: Women have a more gender mindfulness than men do.

However, my Professor has given me some feedback that the hypothesis should be changed. Please read the following remarks by my Professor and make the changes accordingly BEFORE starting the writing assignment: “Christine, you got the main components of the paper correct, but your hypothesis should not be one-tailed. Meaning, you should not state that women will have higher mindfulness scores than men. Let’s be a bit more conservative and simply say that there will be differences (either way). Also, please note that for this study, we will not be research impact of culture or geography in mindfulness. Age and ethnicity were collected for demographic purposes only.” Please use this URL to do the research. It is the Los Angeles Harbor College Library database website.

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