This assignment relates to health educators Area of Responsibility 1 Assess Individual and Community Needs for Health Education specifically, the ability to access existing health-related data and learn how to collect health-related data

Please read the required articles and then write a 2-page essay in your own words.Why does a good health educator conduct a needs assessment before planning a health education program?
Do you think primary data is more important to collect than secondary data? Please explain support your statements with examples from the literature.
What are the four phases of community assessment described in the Escoffery, Miner, & Trowbridge (2004) article? Please identify and briefly describe each phase.
In one paragraph, summarize how this assignment has helped you in developing proficiency in the Health Education areas of responsibility. Be specific in mentioning the area and its associated competencies.
The information on the module homepage, the PRECEDE-PROCEED PowerPoint presentation, and the background information will help you complete this assignment.Case Assignment Expectations, in order to earn full credit:
You will be assessed on your ability to explain your understanding of the module materials from the perspective of a health educator, in terms of these factors:Precision you answered each part of the questions that were asked.
Breadth you have shown a broad knowledge of needs assessments.
Depth you go into detail to show more critical thought about the role of the health educator in assessing needs.
Clarity the extent to which you elaborated and included discussion as asked.
Critical thinking thinking that goes beyond simple description, repetition, or quotation, and comes to a relevant conclusion.
References citations are used any time you state a fact or idea that is not common knowledge, and a reference list is included at the end of the paper. Look at the way references are formatted in this course, and use that as a guide.
You must clearly show that you have read the module homepage and ALL required background materials. You are welcome to do research in aIDition to but not instead of the required readings.Please write your paper in your own words, based on what you have learned in the module. That is the only way I can evaluate your level of understanding.Note: Wikipedia is not an acceptable source of information.Module 2 Required ReadingEscoffery, C. Miner, K. & Trowbridge, J. (2004). Conducting small-scale community assessments. American Journal of Health Education, 4, 237. Retrieved November 1, 2012 from Proquest. (an old but excellent summary of the needs assessment process)Bates, D. & Wiginton, K. (2008). Reaching Out from Within: Using Community-Based Participatory Research to Prepare a Predominately Hispanic Community in West Dallas for Program Intervention. American Journal of Health Education, 39(3), 187-189. Retrieved November 1, 2012 from Proquest.National Center for Health Education Credentialing, Inc. (NCHEC) (2008). Health education profession. Retrieved January 1, 2013 from Center for Health Education Credentialing, Inc. (NCHEC) (2011) The Seven Areas of Responsibility for Health Educators. Retrieved November 1, 2012 from On that page, click on Areas of Responsibility for Health Education Specialists 2010 pdf

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