The starting point for your case analysis is the Case Scenario, which contains basic information about the situation.

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Provide positive approaches you might use to resolve these concerns.  

Assessment Guidelines for Final Project: Case Analysis

Your case analysis will be judged according to the following criteria. Keep these points in mind when developing your case analysis and use them as a guide for your work.

Excellent to Exemplary

Your analysis is thorough and reflects critical thinking.  It exceeds the parameters of the questions by showing subtle insights into significant points in the case.  Your analysis strongly links course concepts to factors in the case.  Thoughts are expressed clearly and logically, with few if any, errors in grammar and writing mechanics.  Responses to the case questions venture beyond the case description to identify relevant current information that pertains to selling.  References for these additional points are reputable sources and properly cited.

1Running head: NEGOTIATION NegotiationStudent’s NameInstitution 2NEGOTIATION NegotiationIntroductionNegotiation between two parties takes into account various factors which have to be…

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