The Situation: You have been hired as the project manager to construct a custom home.

The Situation: You have been hired as the project manager to construct a custom home. The owners have asked for some minor changes such as relocating two electrical outlets, adding a refrigerated wine cabinet that will require an electrical connection, and adding gutters to the outside of the house. The owners have seen the price list for these changes and are agreeable. The owners also requested that an internal wall be relocated. Unfortunately, the wall is load bearing which means that the architect and structural engineer must modify the plans and the local building department must approve the modified plans. The key members in your project team are the architect, structural engineer, and framing contractor. The redesign by the architect and engineer will take two weeks, The building subcontractor needs two weeks after you submit the revised plans. You don’t have a price for the relocated wall.

Assignment: Refer to section 5.6 of the PBMOK Guide, 5th ed. Prepare a response consisting of a minimum of 500 words. Describe how you would perform control scope and prepare change requests for the Performed Integrated Control Process. Include at least three credible references in addition to the PBMOK Guide with at least being a peer-reviewed journal article. properly cite your response.

Running Head: Scope Control and Change Request Student’s NameUniversity AffiliationDate 1 Scope Control and Change Request 2 Scope Control and Change RequestControl scope is a process that is…

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