The Rover Play writing -01

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A character analysis of a major character in The Rover Play.

Write at least 3 paragraphs–5-7 sentences each–in which you analyze a single character from The Rover by thinking about him or her through the following questions:

What does the character say?

What does the character do?

What does the character want?

What does the character least want?

How does the character go after what s/he wants?

What, if anything, do others say about that character?

Who is the character most like?

Who is the character most unlike?

Questions such as these can help prompt you to come to some conclusion about a character. As you develop you answer and draw your conclusions, be sure you use quotes to support your answers. This should not be a bullet-point list, but rather a discussion about a character and the role that he or she plays in the meaning you make of the play as a whole.

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