The Organizational Development

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Cumulative project part 2

  • Chapter 8 “The Organizational Development (OD) Consulting Process” (Gallant & Rios, 2014, pp. 153-173)

Part II “Phase 1-Start-up: Pre-entry, Entry, Contracting”

  • Using the information in Chapter 8 (Gallant & Rios, 2018, OD Consulting Process), begin drafting the Start-Up phase of OD Consulting Process for your target organization. (pp. 155-160)
  • It is important that you conduct a self-assessment of who you are and what you bring to the consultation: your knowledge, experience, skills, guiding principles, beliefs, and values as well as your own biases, fears, projections, and assumptions about self and the client (see Gallant & Rios, p. 156)
  • Draft a paper that describes the key steps of the approach to “Diagnosing” your target organization. Explain what gets measured and the methods used in collecting data (Gallant & Rios, pp.160-164).

This section of your report will be between 500-650 words in length and will be formatted in APA (6th or 7th formatting) style, including double-spaced, 12-pt font, in-text citation and references at the end of the paper (3-5 references).

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