The net asset value of a mutual fund increased from $12.03 to $13.53, but its price per share increased by only $1. This information indicates that…

 A. is a closed-end fund.

  •  B. paid out $1 in dividends.
  •  C. is an open-end fund.
  •  D. paid out $1 in capital gains.

 A. the point in the life of a bond when its price risk exactly offsets its reinvestment risk.

  •  B. the average maturity of a diversified portfolio of corporate bonds.
  •  C. the point in the life of a bond when its yield-to-maturity equals its expected yield.
  •  D. the average price and annual reinvestment rate of return for a bond.
  •  A. I, III, and IV only
  •  B. I, II, III and IV
  •  C. I and IV only
  •  D. I and II only

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