The History of Autism Spectrum Disorder

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The History of Autism Spectrum Disorder

The historical and theoretical foundations of autism spectrum disorder have greatly influenced the understanding of ASD. For this Assignment, you will use the Unit 3 Assignment Template to analyze five historical and theoretical events.

For each event, you must provide the following:

  • Describe the historical impact of the event to the field. Consider the following:
    • How did the term/diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder originate?
    • Why was this event impactful during this time?
    • What were the perceptions of ASD during this time?
    • How has this event changed perceptions today?
  • Connect the event to a theory of ASD. Consider the following:
    • How is this event directly related to this theory?
    • How is the theory applied to the field today?

Assignment Guidelines

Please include at least three different references in your responses and properly cite all sources using proper APA formatting and citation style. PLEASE USE THE TEMPLATE PROVIDED!.

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