The following information was in the annual report of ABC Company for the years 2015 and 2016.

(Required) Compute the following financial ratios for the year 2016. Please show all your works (formula and numbers) to get full credits for the correct answers and partial credits for the incorrect answers. (25 points)

a) Current ratio (5 points)

b) Quick Ratio (5 points)

c) Debt Ratio (5 points)

d) Debt to Equity Ratio (5 points)

e) Times interest Earned Ratio (5 points)

Current ratioCurrent assetsDivided by: Current liabilitiesCurrent ratio 201512,10513,2250.92 201612,17612,9880.94 7,62513,2250.58 8,06912,9880.62 11,4541336,41017,99743,2500.42…

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