The Family Dimension of Trauma: Resilience and Post-Traumatic Growth

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Family Resilience in the Midst of Trauma

Creating meaning out of loss requires an understanding of the profundity of the loss and the willingness to work with families and communities to embrace factors of the loss while emerging in strength through them. Constructivist approaches to intervention and human service support that focus on narrative and solution-oriented support are beneficial. In addition, the movement to understand mindfulness in social practices and to integrate its concepts to create community support is necessary as well.

Walsh (2016) recommends a vast array of supports, including spiritual and relational, personal resources and strengths, and collaboration among systems to help individuals and families thrive beyond the loss. Through narrative celebrations, cultural traditions, and community building, families can support and sustain memories and honor those lost in traumatic circumstances.

In this discussion.

  • Explain the concept of family resilience in the midst of trauma.
  • Identify an appropriate theory that can be used to support recommendations for intervention.
  • Analyze the effectiveness of strategies that have been identified for addressing trauma.

Write a 250-word minimum initial post to this discussion. Include two scholarly resources. Be sure to include relevant, required information, adequate explanations, and alternative viewpoints.

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