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  • Revisit Papers #2 & 3; complete re-researching of your topic.
  • Create draft #1 drawing on the previous papers and additional pieces of evidence. Please bear in mind that the final paper is not a simple assembly of the previous completed written work. While each paper plays an important role in composing the final text, the final project is the result of re-processing of the previous work, shifting ideas, making more adjustments, and adding details.
  • The final project should include the following: Front Page, Abstract, Introduction, appropriate subheadings, Conclusion, Reference List, Appendices (Appendices may include excerpts from interview or graphs).
  • The final draft must include a section on “Reflections on the Project” (see the requirements below)
  • Refer to the evaluation rubric
  • Recommended length is 8-12 pages, including the Abstract page and References.
  • APA conventions must be followed at all stages of the course work.
  • Submit draft #1 for informal evaluation.
  • Revise draft #1, integrate feedback.
  • Submit final draft for grading


  • Informal reflections on your experience in this course: comment on what you have learned and what you should have or could have done differently.
  • Provide concrete examples concerning new vocabulary or grammatical structures you have found especially beneficial for the purposes of creating a research project.
  • Comment on the skills you have improved while preparing the research paper.
  • Suggested length: 3 pages

Furthermore, the first document is paper 2. The second document paper is paper 3. The third document is final paper outline, you can refer it. The forth document is an example of paragraph of final paper, you can revise it and expand more information. The final document is an example of final paper, you can refer it. Besides,I will provide 6 academic articles about my research project. If you accept my homework.

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