the economic of the fishing market third draft

Consider catch shares and the negative aspects of this government intervention. Add to your discussion of catch shares using what you have learned about how monopolies make pricing and output decisions, and how and why market power is a problem, in addition to the feedback you received. Include any other negative aspects of catch shares that you find through your own research.

Now put yourself in the role of a social advocate. Noting the problems you presented above, what solutions do you have to help protect society? Offer an alternative solution that addresses the issues you noted in part I and avoids the problems you noted in the first half of part II. Be creative, you are not limited to possible government intervention but should also consider potential interventions from other groups in society.

Your study must be 6 FULL pages of text (at least 6 no more than 7), double-spaced, 1″ margins, and size 11 Calibri FONT.Title/title page is not included in page count. Graphs, tables, figures, images, and references page should be included at the end of the text and are NOT to be included in the page length requirement.

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