The Animal Magnetism Inc.

I have an assignment due for my Business class. I need help with this assignment: The Animal Magnetism Inc. wishes to update their customer tracking system to more efficiently enter, access and maintain data on customers, their pets, the services provided, and billing. Note: Pets may receive more than one service. The following outlines the requirements obtained by a data system analyst by interviewing the company owner. Information will be entered and maintained in the system for the following: – The pet owner (customer) first & last name, mailing address, billing method (cash or credit card), and a data item for comments about the owner – Each pet’s name, identification number, estimated age, species, (dog, cat, rabbit, snake, etc.), the particular breed, if applicable the animal’s physical characteristics (color, distinguishing markings, etc.), an indicator that the animal is either domesticated or wild, and also a comments block for miscellaneous other information – Each pet service performed by the company, will be maintained in a Service record indicating for each Pet: – Type of service given (or to be given), including such things as shampoo, grooming cut, toenail clip, temporary boarding during owner vacations, etc. – Date a Service was performed or the Appointment Date for a service. – Date of each prior service rendered for each animal. – Fee for the service performed. Create the Context diagram scope Using the five-step systematic approach, create a checklist to manage this project. Identify questions you have for the client State any assumptions you makeWould some on be able to put this together?

Context Diagram Checklist for projectThe five phases to a systematic approach to project development: 1. Project initiation2. Project planning3. Project execution4. Project controlling5….

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