Tex Computation Example – 2017 Total salary Dividend and interest – total Interest Dividend Personal exempn Standard deduction Itemized deduction Tax…

I need to use the tax information from the numbers provided in 2017 and input them into the 2018 1040 with the new tax rates and schedules.

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Tex Computation Example – 2017 Total salaryDividend and interest – totalInterestDividendPersonal exempfinStandard deductionItemized deductionTax creditTax withheld and prepaid Salary Dividend and interestGross incomeDeduction for AGIAGE itemized deductions Income before personal and dependency exemptionPersonal exemption (Family of four) Taxable income U.S. tax liability before eredit Tax creditU.S. tax liabilityTax withheld and prepaid Tax refund or applied to next year 10.11 payment Tax owe Tax withheld and prepaid $187,000 $13,0002,0001 1,000 $4,050 $12,700 $15,000 $1,800 $30,000 $1 87,000m$200,000211.900180,000′ 15,000165,000 |’ 16,2001148,80028,6731.3.01! m$30,000 3,123 $3 0,000

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