TAX4001 Ms. D sold a business that she had operated as a sole proprietorship for 18 years. On date of sale, the business balance sheet showed the…

The purchaser paid a lump-sum price of $345,700 cash for the business. The sales contract stipulates that the FMV of the business inventory is $165,200, and the FMV of the remaining balance sheet assets equals adjusted tax basis. Assuming that Ms. D’s marginal tax rate on ordinary income is 35 percent and her rate on capital gain is 15 percent, compute the net cash flow from the sale of her business.

      NET CASH FLOW $_______________

******please show all steps to arrive at the solution****

Computation of Net Cash flow from the sale of the businessStep 1:Computation of the tax basisAccounts receivable$33,500Inventory156,000Furniture and Equipment46,500Accumulated…

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