Suppose exactly three years ago, you invested in the following portfolio: 400 shares of Common Stock A, which continuously pays a dividend of $.

They were selling for $1,038.34 each.

300 Shares of Preferred Stock C, which carries a Dividend Yield of 4.1% and a face value of $100. They were selling for $75.34 each at the time.

Today, the assets are selling at the following:

Stock A: $68.47 per share

Bond B: $985.11 per share

Pfd Stock C: $68.15 per share

What is the dollar return on your portfolio over the three year period?

What was your total holding period return (HPR) on the portfolio over the three years?

Calculation of dollar return over three year perio Capitalgain inCurrent value ofprice of stock orPurchase price of stock or stock or bond =Stock/Bond Bond=(A)bond =(B) (‘C)=(A-B)A$64.18 $…

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