Supporting Individual Learning Through Coaching & Mentoring

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  1. Explain the concept of coaching and how it differs from mentoring and other learning and development methods
  2. Identify and explain different types and styles of coaching ( 3 different types of coaching and what is meant by directive and non-directive styles of coaching)
  3. Analyse the stages in a one-to-one coaching process, and the roles of coach and coachee
  4. dentify the potential benefits of coaching for coach and coachee
  5. Explain the concept of mentoring and the nature of the relationship between mentor and mentee
  6. Describe a typical mentoring process and roles of mentor and mentee
  7. Identify the potential benefits of mentoring for mentor and mentee
  8. Explain models and techniques used in coaching and mentoring and how these can support individual learning
  9. Use an appropriate format to record outcomes and agreed actions resulting from a coaching or mentoring conversation.

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