Strategic Planning

1. Strategic Planning

• Conducting a SWOT analysis is not an academic exercise, but a practical construct and building block for the next phase, i.e., the preparation of action and remedial plans.
• Explain and provide an example of such a “transformation”.
2. Leadership
• In a large and multi faceted organization, no one person has all of the skills needed in the different departments: planning, staffing, budgeting, controlling, etc.
• What leadership “style” should a CEO adopt with his/her top administrative staff members to aIDress a needed new direction for the company.
• Present an example.
3. Operations
• The ABC Building Company has suffered from the recession in the housing industry.
• An independent consulting firm recommended that they aim at reducing the time needed for a new house construction by 20% (from 5 months to 4 months).
• You are the CEO of ABC. How would you approach such a dramatic change in OPERATIONS to achieve this 20% time cut?
• Where and how would you streamline processes?
4. Finance
• The DEF HealthCare organization, has noticed a shift upwards in the age of the patients seeking medical treatment at the medical center and clinics.
• In simple terms and numbers, from a 50-50 percent of below 65 years of age and above 65 (seniors on medicare), to a 3% ANNUAL increase in senior numbers.
• You are the CFO and need to present to the board the change in demographics and the impact it will have financially on DEF’s budget.
• Assume any current revenue, and present a graph/chart of revenue changes.
• Explain your graph.
5. Legal / Ethical
• Legal and Regulatory requirement are the “livelihood” of lawyers and other legal professionals.
• How do you as the CEO of The DEF HealthCare organization, provide the “regular” staff (who are those who actually DEAL with patients) with updates and guidance pertaining to legal/ethical issues?

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