Strategic Corporate Brand Management and Consultancy

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You are required to ascertain the strength of corporate brand calibration of a corporate brand – National Health Service England (NHS) using the corporate brand framework (the ACID Test) as detailed in Balmer (2012) in his California Management Review article. You should specifically refer to the Actual, Communicated, Covenanted, and Conceived Dimensions of the model.
Also use the framework in Wally Olins: The Brand Handbook 2008
AIDitionally, you could also use other corporate branding models/academic frameworks wherever appropriate during analysis as a supplement for example, (2) Corporate brand character/identity and image (by Davies and Chun, 2002; Davies et al., 2003), (3) Abratt (2012) and/or (4) Melewar and Karaosmanoglu (2006). Your written report should be no longer than 2,500 words in length
Students are required to:
Write individually based on the group effort

Individual Report Guidelines

Length: 2500 words excluding bibliography and appendices. All papers should be typed using font size 12, 1” margin all round and 1½ spacing. Your report should be a maximum of 2,500 words in length excluding references. If your report exceeds the word limit – or is deemed to be unreasonably short in length- you will be penalised and marks will be deducted.

When writing your report,
You are required to critically analyse your assigned corporate brand using the (1) ACID Test of Corporate Brand Management and the REDS process.
Also Wally Olins: The Brand Handbook (2008) and other corporate brand models and academic frameworks that could be used as supplement for this project are for example (2) Corporate brand character/identity and image (Davies and Chun, 2002; Davies et al., 2003), (3) Abratt (2012) and/or (4) Melewar and Karaosmanoglu (2006) – as a guiding frameworks.
Your report should outline your (a) the investigation, analysis and your strategic recommendations (b) assess the saliency of the brand covenant (c) implementation (launch, introduction) (d) control, cost and timing.
Your report needs to have a clear introduction and conclusion.

Criteria (50%)
Use of the acid test (15%)
Investigation, analysis, strategic recommendations, launch, introduction, control, cost and timing (15%)
Introduction and summary (10 %)
Structure, use of English and presentation (10%)

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